The thick sole in the Shoe

It is important that the shoes were not tight and not narrow. If the boots compress the leg, disturbed circulation, besides a place to form an air cushion, which is supposed to contain the heat.

For winter walks best suited boots-quilted with thick tractor sole (warm and slippery), as well as shoes. Additionally, you can buy termostyle. And in the cold you can still insulate baby legs wool socks.

Gloves and hat a must!

Hands kids freeze instantly. Better to buy any gloves in which the fingers are together. In cold weather gloves for 5 finger loose gloves where the fingers share heat with each other. You should also have a spare waterproof mittens, in case the kid will play with the snow. The cap must close the ears, protecting them from strong winds.

Put to sleep a newborn baby is no easy task. Because you want the baby not only met, but also sleep well for the joy and for the sake of peace of their young parents. How to achieve this will be discussed in this article!

Exploring the theme of children dream, I attended several lectures of specialists in leading clinics. Here is what the experts.

Sleep for newborns is one of the basic needs. It is on par with food, my mother’s warmth and care. And agree that the mother, if the good night’s sleep can give my family a lot more TLC.

All of this sounds nice, but in reality happens like this: pass the third day, the mom is already beating eyes and soften their knees from fatigue, and the mission “to lull a baby”, it seems, only by a superwoman.

Why are kids so bad sleep or no sleep?

The reasons for the sleep disturbances may be several:

Physiological: for example, when a child is colicky or he’s teething
The important stages of development: when a child is ready to go or speak, and is a transitional period.
No obvious disease or pain: for example, ICP – intracranial pressure.

Assume that all of the above is excluded, and the baby is cranky, he does not sleep and does not give you. Falls asleep in the morning, waking up in the afternoon and again walking through the night. Here, in my opinion, it is worth remembering that children who are guests in our lives. And the guests must adapt to the host mode. Therefore, you have every right to teach a child to such a mode that fits you and has already been adopted in the family.

Of course, it will take some time and effort, but it’s real. Therefore, we offer you a selection of proven ways on how to put toddler to sleep and to accustom him to a certain mode.

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