Petrzela welcomed the Ústí coach. Finally the coach’s peer, he marveled

The German then added to the press assistant: “Old coaches, it’s a rarity.” And himself, Parjala added: “There are mostly experienced trainers in the world, younger people are there to talk to us…” / P>

But the case of the Ústí was not, because the coach’s room was big. Six rounds without a victory, however, 37-year-old Luke Preroost swept away. “In Usti, the coaches do not appeal so much, they get more time than elsewhere,” says sports manager Stanislav Pelc and admits that it is not financially easy for the modest Ústí to throw away the cast.

“Remember the Holy Haban, the Usti so popular,” said the current coaching style of the Slovak. “With his engagement, we recalled him after 4-5 rounds.He moved to the position of sports director, then returned and worked for 7 years. It’s not like the coach stops training. ”

The Prestosto’s successor has yet to wake Ústí, Vlašim thanks to two goals Smola shot down 2: 0. However, with four points he is still the penultimate. “I believe our co-operation has started well,” the German said, but he knows that he is still not winning: “You know how a Czech footballer can play Unibet Australia- bonus rules something completely different in a week. So the biggest task is to keep the boys on the ground and work, work, work! ”

Against Vlašimi, this was the main motto. “We said we had to leave the football in the cabin and get it at all costs, even if we were to fall.Everyone on the field left everything and it came back to us, “said goalkeeper Radim Novák. “We were always trying to play football, our opponents knew it, waited for us and went to breaks when we were stretched. Now we have simplified it and we have been fighting. ”

The change of the system has also emerged, the German is in the lead 4-4-2, and Přerost is 4-3-3. “I do not say that it was bad for Mr. Preroost, but this move came out,” said Tomáš Smola. “Playing on two attackers is an advantage. I resist it, and Risa Veverka is clever, the ball can find it, will conclude the final pass. We had fun in the cab that we could play together. ”

Of course, the effect of a new broom helped. No one has a certain place.Maybe Pavlata did not even stand among the substitutes; on the other hand, Smola was in the starting eleven after three matches and after the help of the Lovosice farm. “I wanted to prove that I belonged to the bottom, I betrayed two goals,” Smola shone. And with him the entire Usti.