Getafe CF – Valencia CF 1:0

Valencia’s footballers came in the fourteenth round of their invincibility at least the right time, in addition to a weakened opponent. The match at Getafe reaffirmed how much the Madrid team is in the eyes of Bats unpopular. The home win over Valencia was the only goal Markel Bergar.

Each series ends once and it also applies to the Valencian. The coaches of coach Marcelino, however, lost at the least suitable time, in addition to the most advantageous Energybet bonuscode constellation, because the opponent had to face a numerical disadvantage.

And what happened at the Alfonsa Pérez stadium? After a series of inaccuracies on both sides, Valencia started to prevail in about twenty minutes, but Dani Pareja’s shooting attempts were not taken, Guaita’s goalkeeper intervened in time. Getafe even managed to wreck the net in the first half, but the goal could not be used for the offside.

In the 25th minute came one of the crucial moments of the game. Arambarri showed a sharp foul on Montoyu and the barrel unbeasured Energybet pulled out a red card! For Getafe, it started more than an hour’s weakening, and Valencia had its way to victory in fact largely ugly.

But everything was different. Shortly after the change of sides came with the first strong warning Ángel, who appeared behind Valencia defense and just missed the goal. That was a huge opportunity for the home team. On the other hand, Montoya and Rodrigo made a huge chance when the first cpal lime balloon, where Getafe finally extinguished the situation.

66 minutes into the game, Valencia seemed a little tentative in their play as their Energybet organization fell to passable. Centrally ballooning, the visiting assailant headed only to Bergar, whose hard shot ended at the back of golfer Neta, who was totally out of chances.

Valencia had to work and the settlement could come soon, but Parejo from the straight line stamped the stick! Of course, the bats were Energybet moving forward, but Getafe was pulling completely away, defending the lean head ahead. Valencia eventually did not help a five-minute set and lost the ground at Getafe, so she did not use the hesitation of the head of Barcelona.